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Author Topic: San Andreas Police Department | Recruitment Process [MUST BE READ]  (Read 2972 times)

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Offline W. Harrelson

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In order to be eligible to apply for the San Andreas Police Department, please take your time and read this document. Failure to read it and respect everything that is written here may lead to your denial from the San Andreas Police Department.

  • Must be registered in-game for at least a month.
  • Must have patience, an open mind, ready for new challenges, be respectful.
  • Must be able to understand instructions and follow them at any time.
  • Must be in possession of a valid passport and driver license.
  • Must NOT have an open FBI application or IA investigation.
  • Must NOT be affiliated with any criminal organisations.
  • Have not been banned recently.
  • Have not been copbanned recently.
  • Hasn't been removed from the San Andreas Police Department within the last month.


Application Stage

- Perliminary Background Application (PBA)
- Departmental Interview (DI) This interview will compose of a number questions surrounding why you wish to join the department, why we should choose you and most of all basic questions around the procedures and policies within SAPD. It is advised to read our manuals and regulations as soon as you apply.

Academy/Probationary Stage

- 3 Academy Sessions
- 5 Field Training Patrol (FTP)
- Evaluation Phase & Final Exam


Application (APP): The first step into the recruitment system of the San Andreas Police Department. Citizens who are interested in pursuing a full-time career as police officers are required to submit an Application, containing questions ranging from personal information to professional tendencies as well as what motivates them to join the Department. This process allows the Personnel Management employees to assess and decide whether the applicant is eligible to advance to the Academy Stage or not.

Instructions to complete the PBA step:
  • Fill in an Application using the appropriate format.
  • Read the SAPD manual, operating procedures and rules and regulations. This will help you along your journey to joining the SAPD.
  • Remain patient until your application receives a response. If your name is not listed on the accepted student's list, we wish you good luck next time.

Departmental Interview (DI)

The Departmental Interview (DI): Upon an applicant’s PBA checks have passed, his/her new objective would be to conduct an in-game interview with Academy & Recruitment manager+ or a sergeant+. The Interview aims to gauge the said applicant’s roleplay ability as well as to get a clear idea of his/her personality. Ambition, interest and motivation are the main key points of the Departmental Interview. As well as this a short Q&A around policies and procedures of the SAPD. Which can be found here:

Instructions to complete the DI will be received once you've passed your PBA.

Academy Sessions (AS)

Congratulations! You're now a Cadet. Academy Sessions (AS) are the core of a Cadet journey in the San Andreas Police Department. The APS represents an opportunity for a student to reflect their theoretical knowledge in the field, with the assistance and supervision of Academy Instructors who will regularly compile patrol reports for each student. There is a total of three sessions to complete in order to take the next step to the Field Training Patrol (FTP).

Field Training Patrol (FTP)

The Academy & Recruitment staff have made the decision to implement the Field Training Patrols, every Cadet has to complete a total of five (5) Field Training Patrols in order to proceed to their Examination. The Field Training Patrols are implemented to ensure the Cadet gets to face different opinions from the SAPD officials. This will make sure they are able to pick the best solution whenever they have to face certain situations on their own. Field Training Patrols can be taken by any Academy Instructor and Senior Officer or above.

Evaluation Phase & Final Exam (EPFE)

The final stage of your journey within the SAPD Academy - Evaluation Phase and Final Exam. The Examination consists of theoretical exam and practical examination and will be taken by Academy Manager+ or by any command member after permission from Academy Leader. Upon passing your Examination you will be promoted to a fully fledged San Andreas Police Department Police Officer.

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Re: SAPD - Recruitment Process [MUST BE READ]
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 12:13:33 pm »
  After a discussion with the S.A.P.D command members, we decided to simplify the recruitment process as much as we can as follows;
- First, you'll have to submit the application and post it in the correct section,
- Afterwards, your application will be reviewed and evaluated by a Recruitment Unit (Sergeant+)
- If accepted, you will have to request an interview by calling the 911 service ((In game)) and ask for a one.
- Once accepted, you will move directly into the academy where you will have to post field patrols and get fixed number of sessions until you are ready for the examination and be a full officer on the field.

FORMER S.A.P.D. Captain

Offline Jake Parker

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Re: SAPD - Recruitment Process [MUST BE READ]
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2018, 12:38:04 pm »
The following updates have taken place:

(*) Student Stage has been implented. After you have passed your Applicant Interview (AI) you will be joining the student stage, in here you will be learning all the theoretical basics you need to know before you become a SAPD Cadet. You will have to undergo a examination in order to pass your student stage, this exam is based on the information provided in the handbook.

(*) Ride Alongs have been implented. As a Cadet you will be undergoing 5 different sessions, whenever you have passed them you will have to get along with different officers on the field. We made this decission to ensure you will be able to learn from different people and having different opinions over their way of working. This should give you the oppertunity to make the best decission whenever you have to face certain situations alone. After you have passed those Ride-Alongs you will be able to take your Academy Examination.

Offline Jason J. Dilworth

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Re: S.A.P.D. - Recruitment Process [MUST BE READ]
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2019, 12:58:28 pm »
Recruitment process has been updated.

Offline Spike

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Re: S.A.P.D. - Recruitment Process [MUST BE READ]
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2019, 14:40:35 pm »
- PAT currently undergoing a re-vamp due to people complaining it was too hard. Those who failed the previously PAT will receive the new one soon for a second chance.

RETIRED Deputy Chief of Police James Robinson
Internal Affairs Commanding Officer | Chief of Detectives
San Andreas Police Department - "To protect and serve"

Offline LukeN

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Re: San Andreas Police Department | Recruitment Process [MUST BE READ]
« Reply #5 on: October 25, 2019, 23:35:06 pm »
PAT test has now been removed from the academy recruitment process however a short Q&A will be conducted by the interviewing officer to establish knowledge around the PD including policies and procedures. All these questions will be based around the student hand book and the PD manuals.
Captain James Baldwin
SAPD Academy Leader
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