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Police Trainings Guide

This guide is here to serve as a reminder and as a hand of assistance for all LSPD Officers and plus while training newcomers to join the police duty. All you have to do is to use your common sense and focus only on the basics. We don't wish to see the police trainings given to newcomers a bunch of complex lines written. It's preferable to  make it as much as simple as you can. You should use your own knowledge and common sense while teaching the newcomer. If you don't feel confident with giving a training then do not do it at all. We don't wish to see officers giving wrong information to our newcomers. Feel free to contact a Sergeant or plus for any kind of questions regarding the training. Below we will give you the few main points that are too important to teach to the newcomer.

Note: There are more information to show to the newcomer through /help > Carriers > Police Job. It includes a full list of commands and responsibilities of a police officer.

* Rules: The server rules are the most important thing to teach to the newcomer over all. You should make sure that the newcomer really understands the rules and understands every word said in the rules list. The easiet way to show him the rules is to ask him to do /help and click on "Argonath RPG Rules" tab which will show him a full list of the server rules. Make sure you, yourself remember the rules very well and know how to explain if needed.
* Roleplay: The server is a Roleplay one, hence teaching the newcomer some of the basics of how to roleplay and what are the available commands to use in role-playing. Do not go complex on the newcomer, we are a light RP server. Do not invent up RP rules from your own self. Show him examples, and be sensible.
* The police Laws: Important laws - not all - are listed on /help "Laws" tab. Including the traffic laws. All you have to do is to ask him to take a quick look at the laws. Make sure you mention when the officer should be able to use the /su command and when not. For example; you can not use the command for "Speeding." Instead, he should pull the driver over using /m 1 and proceed with a ticket/fine.
* Quick exam:  Not a real or strict exam, it's rather a quick check that the newcomer has understood all of the information given to him in the training. If he failed to answer a question, you give him the correct answer. Do not be harsh on them, your attitude SHOULD always stay nice to the newcomer and treat them very well.
* Keep the training enjoyable, not a boring one. Let him do some practical stuff based on what you taught him. The training should not last for longer than 30 minutes.
* After giving the newcomer police rights, make sure you announce on the radio to welcome him, just a way of being nice to our newcomers. Make sure you have him in a patrol and let him lead real situations and correct him if he does something wrong.
* /allowduty [ID]: Accessible by  LSPD Officers+ and /col staff. Use it in order to give police rights to the newcomers.
* If you feel the newcomer is someone who really understand most of the things, then you are free to skip the training and give him the police rights immediately. Sometimes we might have players coming from other communities who are qualified enough in police job, so there is no need to waste time.


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