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Author Topic: VCPD | Hall of Fame  (Read 2653 times)

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VCPD | Hall of Fame
« on: July 21, 2023, 00:25:01 am »

Vice City Police Department

Hall of Fame

There have been many officers in the Vice City Police Department over the years. Yet, some have served loyaly for extensive periods of time and/or have caused significant impact to the department.
The officers listed here, current and former, are considered legends of the department due to either the time of their service or significant impact to the department

VCPD Officer
Officer served in various forms long before we have records of the officer, first under chief [WS]Marcus.

VCPD Chief
2010 - 2016
Although the recent years of their career have been controversial, the Chief was known for their extreme decency towards other officers and others. They were characterized by restraint and politeness.

SWAT Commander (rank currently retired)
2010 - 2016
Officer of exceptional abilities that have been a loyal part of the department for six consecutive years.

VCPD Senior Officer, VCID Detective (retired division and rank)
Quite a few officers of the day served the VCPD's intelligence division: Vice City Investigative Division (the predecessor of VC-FBI)
Yet, none ever got as notorious and feared among the criminal ranks as Detective Alex Thompson

VCPD Captain
2012 - 2016
The first officer to actually receive Captain rank in VCPD.
Was an integral part of the department for several years, fondly remembered by the many. Later became a Supreme Judge in the Vice City Courts.

Special Agent (FBI, then still under VCPD command)
Special Agent was one of the very first members of the newly opened VC-FBI. A prominent member of the division for several consecutive years.

SWAT Commander (rank now deprecated), VCPD Captain
Despite a fairly short stay in the department, Captain Reaper has been one of the most feared law enforcers in the city. They have built a SWAT division of an exceptional skill that would drive the criminals back to the sewers they came from.

2016 - 2019
Sergeant Sevrin was a loyal part of the department for several consecutive years, serving a loyal right hand man for three consecutive chiefs. Sergeant is remembed fondly by the department for their dedication.

Senior Officer
2012 - present
While with interruptions in their career, this is currently the longest serving Vice City Law Enforcement in the history of VCPD.
Senior Officer Ray Corbin has served under 7 different chiefs. Currently still actively serving the department.

ARPD Veteran: Over 10 years in ARPD.
BCSD Sheriff, ARTP Commander (SAMP) (2010-2011)
SAPD Officer (SAMP) (2010-2011)
FBI Special Agent (SAMP) (2011-2012)
Retired Chief of Police (VCPD) (2017-2018)
LSPD Senior Officer/Academy Leader  (VMP)(2020-2021)


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