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Author Topic: S.A.P.D Field Operations - TeamSpeak Usage  (Read 1333 times)

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S.A.P.D Field Operations - TeamSpeak Usage
« on: July 01, 2015, 22:04:05 pm »

Field Operations Bureau
TeamSpeak Usage

"A handbook that covers general information, hotkeys & certain regulations"


TeamSpeak is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) software that allows computer users to communicate using a microphone. As a law enforcement officer, it is extremely recommended to regularly use TeamSpeak, considering how easy it is to communicate through it. However, it is not an alternative to the in-game police radio (/r), as the balance between these two must be constant. Voice communication plays a very vital role during patrols, as well as situations requiring immediate assistance from other units.

In order to download TeamSpeak 3, head to the Downloads page, and pick the one that fits your Operating System. The setup process is pretty straightforward. In case you face any difficulty during the installation, refer to the Support section.

As of 26/06/2015, the official Argonath RPG TeamSpeak server is at ts.argorpg.com, with "gondor" as the password.


The two commonly used TeamSpeak channels for a San Andreas Police Department employee are the Patrol and the Situation channels.

Patrol channels: Regular service channels, to be used throughout the majority of the shift, unless a situation occurs.

Situation channels: Special channels, to be used whenever a situation requiring assistance occurs. A situation can be an ongoing pursuit, an officer in danger, a live shoot-out etcetera.


The purpose of hotkeys is to switch from a channel to another, by pressing a single keyboard button. This comes in handy when you'd like to assist in a situation, and it might take some time to move to the intended situation channel. Vice-versa, as well: once a situation is cleared, and you'd like to return to your previous patrol channel. The manual below explains how to properly set up a hotkeys and whisper lists.

First let's set up a whisper list!
This is so when you are reporting a situation, every channel, including SWAT's AirDiv's and Coast Guard's, can hear you loud and clear!

  • Go to Options and click of the Whisper tab, that should be located on the left! Picture Here
  • Next press onto ''Whisper Lists'' and set up a Hotkey! Picture here
  • Now it's time to set up your Whisper Lists, On the right hand side, select the TeamSpeak Server then ''Channels''. Picture here
  • Now drag the following channels to the main area.Channels here
  • And it should look like this: Picture Here

Now that your whisper list is set up, we will start setting up the hotkeys, so you can move to situation channels!

  • Go to Options, then click on the Hot Key's tab.
  • Now click the ''Add'' button on the bottom! Something like this should appear.
  • Click on ''Show Advanced Options'' - now click on ''Switch to channel''  ''last visited channel'' assign an hotkey on the top and press OK! Picture Here, This will be your key to return to the previous channel after entering a Situation Channel!
  • Now let's set up the hotkey to go to the situation channels! - Same thing, go to Show advanced Options, Switch to channel, But now click on ''Switch to Channel'' go down and find the situation channels, click on them and choose  ''On Current Server'', Set up an hotkey and press OK. - Picture here
  • Now do the same to the the other two Channels and you are set up! In the end should look like this! ( note this is my HotKeys you can chose other keys)


1) Communication should be civilized, professional and as clear as possible, talking shouldn't be done when someone else is already speaking.

2) Each situation channel is strictly for one situation only. In other words, it is not allowed to have two ongoing situations in one situation channel for example.   

3) Updates for a specific situation should be as frequent as possible, and done only by the initiating/lead unit. In case of a pursuit, the lead unit is the one in charge of updating (through the in-game radio also). If an air unit is partaking in the situation, it is always the one to update.

4) If a situation occurs, the initiating unit must mention which situation channel to move to. This is to avoid confusion.

5) Once a situation is cleared, it must be confirmed by the initiating unit. Afterwards, every unit involved returns to their respective patrol channel.

Note: It is possible to use the Combined Operations channel, if other law enforcement agencies are assisting in a certain situation.

Signed by,
Lionel Valdes
Celso Williams

SAPD Lieutenants


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Re: S.A.P.D Field Operations - TeamSpeak Usage
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 18:06:53 pm »
Topic brought back to S.A.P.D Reception Desk.