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Author Topic: Liberty City Police Academy | Phase Structure  (Read 2511 times)

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Liberty City Police Academy | Phase Structure
« on: August 31, 2015, 21:57:45 pm »


As an applicant of the Liberty City Police Department, you are required to pass the first main phase (Application Phase I) of the Liberty City Police Academy program by posting daily patrol reports. Before moving to the next Phase, when selected by Staff you will be invited to fill in an interview that will determine if your ready to progress to Phase II. This phase involves 3 sections of training, including an examination at the end of each section to show us what you have achieved and learnt throughout the learning phases as a Cadet.                Each section requires a must pass in order to get to the next section. Phase III is a more thorough detailed discussion about understanding the main rules of Argonath and understanding of the LCPD duties and procedures. Failing within any of these phases will lead to your removal from the current Liberty City Police Academy. At any point of time during this start when you have applied, applicants can be reported in the complaints section if needed.

Phase I: Applicant

This is the very first phase, where the Academy Staff reviews all the applications sent by the applicants and perform background checks of the details provided by the applicant.

Results are then published within the application thread itself as in a response to the applicant. The official application form and terms can be found here. The decision of an application can either be accepted or denied based on the background checks performed, such as: improper application format, criminal record, input from previous employer etc.               When the applicant has cleared the checks, it is then considered a Liberty City Police Academy Applicant in Phase I and constantly supervised and monitored by the Liberty City Police Department, and will be expected to be posting daily patrol reports.

Phase II: Training & Examination

When promoted to Cadet, the Cadet will be moved into the Academy on Phase II which involves the training & examination phase will be taught the importance of being a officer of the Liberty City Police Department which you are required to know being on duty.

This entire phase requires strong knowledge of our department, correct usage of our equipment and how to approach and secure suspects for different reasons correctly, abiding by the LCPD duties and procedures. All three sections will be taught by members of the Liberty City Police Department (Senior Officer+).               All LCPD Sergeants+ are able to handle exams. During this phase you will be still being put under physical pressure and heavy training. In this phase you will be examined on each section before moving to the next section, it is required for you to pass each exam.

This phase consist of three sections:

    • Section I - Etiquette
      In this section the cadet will be taught & examined how to act like a professional officer and be confronted with the LCPD procedures.

    • Section II - Vehicles
      In this section the cadet will be taught & examined how operate vehicles, boats and helicopters and achieve to be a professional police officer on the field.

    • Section III - Shooting
      In this section the cadet will be taught & examined how to shoot, cover and approach like a professional and neutralize any possible threats easily.

Phase III: The Department

When passed Section III - Shooting from Phase II, the Cadet will move to Phase III.

This phase tests the cadets' knowledge about the department's regulations to understand main importance's of LCPD procedures and server rules in Argonath. It is taught by the LCPD Command Staff.               The LCPD Command Staff will experience if the Officer is ready for full duties. As soon as this Phase is completed, all thats left is a small talk through to make sure the Officer contributes to a better server environment.

After the talk through, standard equipment and the LCPD Officer badge will be handed.

    • Section IV - The LCPD (LCPD Lieutenant+)
      In this section the Cadet will be part of a talk-through based discussion of the LCPD. Which is based on server rules, regulations and norms.
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