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Author Topic: [IV:MP] Allowing new players on duty  (Read 1411 times)

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[IV:MP] Allowing new players on duty
« on: July 15, 2016, 16:02:24 pm »


All dark blue officers (except cadets!) and COL-officials are able to allow players to go on duty as they're not able to by default. This guide explains LCPD Officers how to teach new players how they should act on duty & how they should prevent multiple rulebreaks on duty that we used to face in the past. Teaching new players with this guide normally takes about 5 minutes.               This tutorial/guide should be done after the newcomer requesting to join the duty. Please make sure to inform the player about everything within this guide to prevent any kind of rulebreaks during duty. Please make sure the new player has knowledge of English, has read the /rules and has finished /tutorial to begin with before training (you can confirm this by asking the administration).

Topic 1: Difference between law- and rulebreaking

A new player is new and does (probably) not know about all the commands and rules there are in the server. Therefore the training officer should explain a new player all the rules, including cophunting. This also means to make sure the new player reads /help, /rules, /tutorial and /policehelp. Asking the player to explain the bullet points to you can help as well:
  • Explain the newcomer the difference between rules and laws;
  • Explain to officer the use of /report and how it works. When should the new officer /report and when should not be reported;
  • Deathmatching as a cop and civilian is not allowed and the cop is only allowed to shoot when the civilian is a suspect;
  • Ramming should be done only when in a chase;
  • Carkilling should never be done as a civilian and a cop;
  • Cophunting is a serious rulebreak and should be reported to the administration using /report. Give examples to the new player about cophunting, such as constant speeding, drifting in front of police, getting suspected without role-play. A free officer should be explained NEVER to suspect for that, and maybe even ignore them.
You may add different things you would like to add in addition to law- and rulebreaking. Just use your common sense as a veteran.

Topic 2: Duty procedures

The training officer should explain the free officer that paying attention to the traffic rules is a must and should patrol in a police cruiser at all times. Also the training officer should explain that pulling over lawbreakers is a part of the job and should pay attention to other players breaking the traffic rules:
  • Explain to the new officer to always pay attention to the law and check for lawbreakers;
  • Explain to the new officer to always behave and act like a cop would in real life (following the laws himself);
  • Explain the new officer to use the megaphone (/m 1) and the sirens to pull a player over;
  • The training officer should explain that the new officer should treat any civilian just as they would like to be treated themselves;
  • This means warning before doing something, warning before suspecting, suspecting before shooting, no verbal assault etc.
  • You must suspect a player with appropriate terms, for example if you suspect a player for "constant speeding", "keeps drifting", "did not ts" will be counted as in-valid, a valid reason is "failure to pull over", "kidnapping", "aiding suspect" is deemed as valid reasons.

Do not forget to tell the new officer a player can surrender but does not want to be jailed. Therefore should be given an investigation and the new officer should ask help from an experienced officer (if wanted).

Topic 3: Handling new player / veteran differences

If a new officer wants to pull a driver offender over, he should know the difference between new players and regulars:
  • New players most of the time do not speak English (or at a basic level) and do not know what the offender did wrong, the new officer should just warn these players or even ignore them;
  • Veteran players can be pulled over, but can be fleeing as well. Tell a new officer they should always have /su (suspectation command) ready with a good, lawbreaking reason;
  • A veteran player should be roleplaying better than a new player, and therefore the new officer can fine the lawbreaker with a fine of $150 at a maximum (new players should be fined $50). Also the /su (suspectation command) is to be used when a veteran is fleeing;
  • You can check if a player is a regular or veteran by using the /registration command. You can also ask the administraion if you aren't sure about it still.
If a freecop wants help, ask him what is wrong. You can always answer his questions, tell them to use /ask or ask via the police chat.

Topic 4: Behaviour as a cop

This section is about how the new officer should behave when on duty, in driving & shooting:
  • Explain about watching their vehicle lag (ping) in pursuits and avoid clashing with other chasing officers while driving in their way of pursuits;
  • Explain to the freecop that when a suspect is evading you may shoot the suspect, since their running. But if the suspect is standing still then the freecop should hold their shooting and listen to instructions to ensure what is happening;
  • Explain when shooting a suspect, the new officer should stay clear in the line of fire so no other officers take the damage, this is a common problem when freecops aim at the suspects and an officer is in the line of fire and the new officer shoots. The freecop should only fire when there is a clear shot to the suspect, to avoid killing other officers.

Topic 5: Job commands

Tell the new freecop a full list of commands that are used to start working as a police officer. We have gathered a list with the most important commands:
  • /duty - Get on duty as a police officer;
  • /r - Speak in the police radio and talk with other officers;
  • /report - To report any player to the administration;
  • /ask - To ask help from the administration;
  • /equip - Gives the officer their full set of weapons;
  • /su(spect) - To make the player orange and make other officers chase the suspect;
  • /cuff - To take a surrendered player with you to the police station (/report if he suspect runs away!);
  • /jail - Jails the player into the police jail, can only be done at the police department;
  • /nextmodel - Changes the look of the police officer;
  • /gu - Surrender command for the suspect (explain this!);
  • /speed - See the speed of a vehicle.

The newcomer should be said that more information can be found at arpd.argonathrpg.com, if the new officer has more questions let the new officer ask in /r, main chat or /ask.

It is recommended to go with the freecop on a patrol to see how how their duty performance is and if any more questions from the freecop. Do it only when the new officer agrees and you are willing to.

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