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Author Topic: Your application was rejected - what now?  (Read 2152 times)

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Your application was rejected - what now?
« on: July 16, 2011, 11:46:03 am »


There are four types of rejections in use now. All of them have their specific properties:

  • Rejected: If your application was denied, it means we have decided you are not ready for a full time job in the LCPD. People who break the application rules also get the Rejected tag. It is recommended to wait at least a month before making another application.
  • Withdrawn: You receive Withdrawn tag when you decide to close your own application for any reason. Players are allowed to reapply once their interest in the LCPD has been revived, they feel they have improved or they fix their technical issues. The period between applications is not firmly set and will not be re-opened.
  • Lost interest: This type of rejection is rather self-explanatory. Players who are inactive or who do not show any interest in the department anymore are tagged with this. Players are allowed to file new applications once they are again active or interested in LCPD.
  • Fired: This tag is reserved for those of you who have already been in the academy when you were removed. Getting this tag means you have broken the rules or procedures or otherwise failed to perform your duty.
  • Permanently denied: This tag is for the applicants who have shown the command staff that they are and will be unable to suit inside the department. This can be caused by lieing, many denied applications or false accusations towards the command staff.

If you feel your rejection is unfair, you can contact a LCPD Employee in the Staff List link below:

Please only contact a LCPD Command Staff Member (Lieutenant+), Click their name and send a Personal message via forum personal messaging system.

Note to applicants with the 'on hold' status:
Your application might be moved into this board in order not to take up space in the main applications board after a certain period of time. That does not mean it is rejected and you are still able to have it unbanked by contacting the LCPD Command Staff! Just a PM to any of the Command Staff can help you getting it back to the regular applications section.