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Re: ARPD Suspensions & Demotions by Tom Adams
[January 21, 2021, 17:32:05 pm]

Re: ARPD Suspensions & Demotions by Megamidget
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Applications for the Los Santos Police Department are opened.
October 03, 2020, 18:09:54 pm by Jcstodds | Views: 1638 | Comments: 0

Los Santos Police Department
LSPD Command Update 05/10/2020

Server IP:
LSPD Discord Server

Dear LSPD Members,
I hope you have been enjoying some of the new features. Here is a brief rundown of news since the last Command Update. As usual feel free to discuss below.

LSPD Vision

I'm posting this each update to reflect on the progress we are making as a group.

1. To create a group of RPers that have fun together, are respected by the community and engage with fair roleplay. I want to make LSPD the best RP group.

LSPD has been the most stable and respectable group since the server launch in March/April 2020. The Officers continue to deliver good RP standards and activity and we have a steady amount of promotions that reflect the quality and activity.

2. To enable a variety of cop RP styles that are interesting and engaging. There is not one style fits all and those who can make positive impact in training and leadership will be rewarded.

I am doing away with the traditional model of official / unofficial subdivisions. Read below for more info!

To handle the vast majority of interaction ingame and not on the forum. This includes training, officer exams, punishment (cops and criminals alike).

A major part of LSPD communications happens on our Discord - click here to join!
The forum is being used for more permenant contributions - training guides, documentation and records for example.

Promotions and Demotions

Senior Officer [Rstar]Austin to Sergeant
Austin has shared his experience and knowledge in cop RP, and has been a consistently active role-model in the community in the last few months (and years).
To gain his promotion, Austin was given a challenge - to evade the LSPD force and some mercenaries for 10 minutes.
If he failed, he would be demoted. If he passed, he would gain the promotion.
After 10 minutes, Austin was still going strong with his driving skills, and even ended up putting an unfortunate cadet into the canal.

Officer Darius_Johnson to Senior Officer
Darius has given considerable time and effort into developing a number of programs in LSPD in a fairly short time. His experience and high activity has allowed him to engage with NOOSE, The Academy as well as the Detective Bureau. Very well deserved!


As per the recent feedback, 2 Senior Officers, 7 Officers and 4 Cadets were suspended due to inactivity over the last two months.
All officers suspended due to inactivity may be reinstated should they return to Los Santos and Blaine County.

LSPD Academy

The Academy is open and lead by Sergeant Megamidget, with Senior Officers Harzy and Darius Johnson providing training to players ingame.

Rank Structure

Due to overall low server activity the ranks have not yet been changed. If we start to see new recruits and see LSPD expanding, the ranks of Captain and Leiutenant will be reintroduced to manage LSPD.

As it stands, all Sergeants remain as the core LSPD command staff and are involved in decisions relating to the running of LSPD.


Activity of Command Staff

Chief [Rstar]Jcstodds - Active 2-3 nights per week and available on Discord.

[TCL]Mac - Very active ingame.
[TCL]Kawashty - Very active ingame.
Megamidget - Activity under review.
[Rstar]Austin - Very active ingame

Sergeant Megamidget's activity has been flagged and is under review for October 2020.

Activity of Cadets, Officers, and Senior Officers

Cadets, Officers and Senior Officers who are inactive for 2+ weeks without notice will be suspended.

Changes to LSPD Subdivisions

The official/ unofficial subdivisions system previously will be abolished to make way for a more experimental model in line with the groups system.
In short - anyone can apply to make a subdvision. If they are accepted, LSPD and server HQ will support the development of the subdivision. It's that simple.

We will be piloting this process with the Detective Bureau as they are the most stable and active subdivision.

Here are some things you can expect in terms of support:
+ LSPD Discord Category and channels with discord ranks matching your group structure. 
+ Direct discussion channel with LSPD Command Staff
+ Subdivision HQ can be purchased (work in progress)
+ Subdivision vehicles can be purchased to spawn permenantly on server - possibly at discount (work in progress)
+ Can request lore friendly vehicle mods to be considered (work in progress)
+ Can request script support (work in progress)

The new group system currently limits players to group although this may be changed in future.
The concept is simple, within our power and within reason, myself and LSPD will support cop related groups as subdivisions.

It is important to note, the LSPD chain of command will still take precedent over all subdivision activity.


The subdivision guidelines will be reviewed to reflect the new opportunities. 

New LSPD Vehicles

A number of custom LSPD and Blaine County themed vehicles have been introduced in the past month. Some are still locked away - and will be introduced through RP scenarios. Join ingame and organise with me to unlock these high performance PD cars and they will be set as permenant additions to the server.

I am open to all lore friendly car mods and skins to be added.

Moving forwards

As usual if you have any ideas for LSPD you would like to discuss, feel free to PM me directly or any of our Sergeants on discord.
I will be implementing these changes over the next few weeks.

Chief Stodds
September 19, 2020, 11:45:33 am by LukeN
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Internal Affairs Division

The San Andreas Police Department deals with thousands of citizens each year. Some of them are witnesses, others are onlookers, and still others are suspects or criminals. The SAPD always tries to treat every citizen equally, and appropriate communication is also extremely important to us. Our officials have a wide pool of training courses in the field of communication by specially trained instructors. Despite all of these measures, nobody is perfect - not even with us.

It can quickly become confusing during operations, our officers are trained to keep an overview. This may result in police measures that do not seem sensible for every citizen. For such cases, for example, there is the right to call a supervisor of the SAPD. SAPD supervisors have at least the rank of Police Sergeant and are experienced and specially trained officers.

From you to Us:

  • You ALWAYS have the right to speak to a supervisor
  • Talk to the first SAPD officer about the supervisor during your arrest / police action - the officer is obliged to call his supervisor
  • The supervisor will take care of your concerns conscientiously. If you have any questions, please contact the Internal Affairs Division by post.
  • The supervisor is not a judge or a member of the Internal Affairs, he can only act in acute cases - for past situations in which you feel that you have been treated unfairly, please contact the Internal Affairs Division.
The internal Affairs department has been reformed to up hold the professional behaviours expected of SAPD Officers. The officers who look to serve and protect you.
It is your right to a fair trial, therefore it is up to the Internal Affairs board to uphold that right.
If you have any questions or concerns around officers behaviour or wish to log a complaint please contact us here

SAPD Internal Affairs Division
August 24, 2020, 12:41:43 pm by Jcstodds | Views: 3830 | Comments: 3

Los Santos Police Department
LSPD Command Update 264/08/2020

Server IP:
LSPD Discord Server

Dear LSPD members,
Here are the latest updates from Command HQ on what's going on behind the scenes and also what is planned for the future.

AMWC Winners

Firstly - huge congratulations to Team LSPD who won 2nd Place overall in the Argonath Motorsports World Championships. The team effort and high activity from Officers Luther Kingston, Lidia, Ownezz, Senior Officer Darius Johnson and Sergeant's Mac and Kawashty secured 2nd place across 30 events - beating 3 other teams by a large margin.

LSPD Vision

For our new cadets and officers - the vision of LSPD under my command is the following:

  • To create a group of RPers that have fun together, are respected by the community and engage with fair roleplay. I want to make LSPD the best RP group.
  • To enable a variety of cop RP styles that are interesting and engaging. There is not one style fits all and those who can make positive impact in training and leadership will be rewarded.
  • To handle the vast majority of interaction ingame and not on the forum. This includes training, officer exams, punishment (cops and criminals alike).

This is perhaps the first time such a vision is implemented in ARPD - whereas previously different branches prioritised different attributes. Stopping the most crime, having the most realistic cop experience, being a formidable force of death and destruction... I have seen such leadership in the past.

However we must remember that we are a community of players regardless of what role our characters play as. This means building good relations with other members of the community whether cops or criminals. You will all have a more enjoyable RP experience whether cop or criminal if you carry mutual respect, understanding and even friendship.

This is why you will notice - the vision isn't about being good cops - it is about being good players to create a good community. Within this community you have the power to shape and lead cop RP how you like.

Feedback Results

Earlier this month Sergeant [TCL]Mac carried out various surveys and questionnaires to LSPD members in order to identify the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you to everyone who responded.

I will highlight a number of the challenges and how they will be addressed moving forward. It is very important to me that the command staff are in sync with the members in developing LSPD.

LSPD Academy
A basic academy system has been established and Senior Officers Harzy and Darius Johnson have been assigned as our first Instructors. With Megamidget the Academy system will help streamline the journey to Officer Rank. The requirements for Officer rank still relies heavily on RP ability and attitude (adhering to the vision), and the academy will teach the basics of cop RP.

Cadets will have 4 basic trainings and this system will roll out shortly as a top priority. We are looking for instructors and this is a good way to show leadership and responsibilities suitable for Senior Officer+ ranks.

LSPD Academy will launch by the end of the week. Training is already being delivered ingame.

Rank Structure

LSPD started from zero with only a handful of members. It did not make sense to have so many ranks. I was very active in the first 2-3 months establishing LSPD with various challenges to overcome. As most came from IV:MP - a playerbase I was not familiar with - I needed to establish the vision and carry out the early development myself.

The Sergeant ranks are equivalent to Captain/ Leuitenant and have been the core command staff. This has allowed me to assess players who I have not met before and get a feel for activity and capability.

LSPD is becoming more stable and established so I will be looking to reintroduce the Captain and Lieutenant ranks to improve the efficiency in supporting me and managing decision making and processes ingame and on forums.

I will review activity across our membership (and myself) to see if we are ready for this transition.

Activity of Command Staff
One priority of mine is to have a command staff activity ingame. I will now include reviews as part of these updates which you are welcome to comment on.

The original minimum activity I imposed on Sergeants is 1 organised patrol/ event per week. This will be policed more strictly.

Chief [Rstar]Jcstodds - Low activity in the last 2 months due to AMWC - should be back soon focusing on LSPD and RP events.

[TCL]Mac - Very active ingame.
[TCL]Kawashty - Very active ingame.
[Rstar]Norrage - Somewhat active ingame with NOOSE & admin duties.
Megamidget - Insufficient activity.

Sergeant Megamidget's activity will be reviewed over the next month.
We will be recruiting more active Sergeants to lead ingame patrols, training and events.

Activity of Cadets, Officers, and Senior Officers
As the server is still fairly new my policy was that no activity check was required for Senior Officer ranks and below. As our active community grows and stabilises it's unfair for those aspiring to rank up and find support if our membership is bloated by inactive players.

As the responsibilities of our Officers and Senior Officers grow - their activity will be reviewed and their ranks suspended as required.

Cadets, Officers and Senior Officers activity will be reviewed. Inactive players will be suspended.

Discipline of Officers
There have only been a few instances where officers have been reported in an official route on ARPD forums and these have been acted on accordingly.
All members are welcome to PM me personally with any complaints of officers and I will act accordingly.

The department is still small and complaints will be handled on a case by case basis.

Subdivision support and purpose

Subdivisions exist to give motivated players a chance to trial and organise new RP activity in their own vision. There is freedom to express your ideal cop RP and share with other officers. If it is proven to be successful, the division can become official with script support from the server developer.
It is a chance to show your leadership skills and activity. It is a chance to shape LSPD's future with your vision. Any officer can make a subgroup - but not everyone can make a successful group.

Please note though at this time the development is very constricted - and it is slow enough to get support for LSPD as it is.

Script support is not given without proof that the concept of the subdivision works, with evidence of good leadership and support within the community. 

To encourage and enable these divisions - I will spawn vehicles and objects on request for RP activity for subdivisions - as well as help map certain objects or items that can help you with RP. Contact me ingame for this support.

I will also lift the rules of one officer per group. If the groups allow - you can now join multiple subgroups to RP different styles in a more organised way.

1 subdivision rule lifted.
Subdivisions can request vehicles and mapping ingame to support RP.

Moving forwards

I have opened more channels in discord to have a direct line with the direction of LSPD - Including a suggestions topic. Please feel to respond to this topic, PM me directly or tag me on discord if there is something that you feel was not covered and would like to be discussed.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you all to make LSPD the best group in Argonath.

Chief Stodds

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