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Author Topic: Changes to the structure of the SAPD  (Read 3573 times)

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Offline Andrew Banks

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Changes to the structure of the SAPD
« on: April 27, 2021, 22:01:32 pm »
Good afternoon,
The government and myself have been having intense discussions recently and we have come to the agreement to bring forth some changes to the San Andreas Police Department.
We have followed the same rank structure for many years now, and only added or removed ranks in the lower structure of the department. After review we have come the conclusion that it wasn't the lower structure that was a potential issue, rather the higher ranks within the department.

We have therefore decided to scrap the following ranks from the police department, please read the complete document to get an understanding of the new process.
We will be removing the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, and Lieutenant rank. This will be happening on a trial basis to see how smoothly the process will go without those ranks in the department.

The tasks of The Chiefs will be moving down to the captain rank, all their authority will be shared to those within the captain position, they will be in charge of the department together without a single department head.
Those that were previously Lieutenants or Captains will be moved down to Sergeant, Sergeants will be taking over a majority of the tasks previously done by Lieutenant and Captains and some of the tasks that Captains had shared will be now given to individual Sergeants.

Those that were currently in the Sergeant position have been moved down to Supervisory Officer for the time being. Only those that have shown extraordinary activities in the department lately will be remaining as a Sergeant until decided otherwise by the current Captains.

The goal of this change is to make the high command position more approachable. To no longer have anyone in the position for long durations of time without them being active within the department. It'll hopefully give the opportunity for people to be swapped in and out based on their current activity and effort put in to the department.  Hopefully this will also allow us to actually recognize those that put effort in to making this department a better place, and make it so they do not have to rely on impressing a single person that might, or might not like them or is actively around in the department.

If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions they are free to contact me through mail (Discord or forum PMs) or respond to this newsletter and I'll do my best to get back to everyone.

((For some OOC notes, Chief will most likely return in the future if this trial is successful but as a RP only position, they'll no longer be in charge of the department and we will no longer have to rely on one person to be active on the server. This'll also make it so that anyone will have a fair chance to work towards a position if they have the right mindset and put in the effort, rather than people being left out just because one person might not like them or does not pay attention to them.
Assignments to captain for now will be handled by server leaders (DLs/ CLs) or Commissioners. If you think you've got what it takes, feel free to contact me, but be aware, I'll only take in to considerations serious requests from people that are willing to help shape the department with this new system, not those purely looking after the highest rank. Perks of this new system also mean that if someone is not putting in effort, they can easily be demoted without a core position being left unattended as its much easier for those below them to take on the position.

As for those concerned why this is not being done to the FBI, this trial will first be ran within the SAPD, if successful it'll also be done to the FBI in a similar scheme to ensure both departments remain equal in authority. Currently captains will have the same authority level as Directors within the FBI to make sure no one is stepping on anyone elses toes.

I'll do my best to give more information to the SAPD discord soon, and the group access levels will be adjusted accordingly to ensure Captains and Sergeants have the appropriate access levels.
One more thing to add, with this new system, those that are in command positions of the department will have a higher workload, but also have more trust put in to them. This also means that if you are in one of those positions and abuse that privilege, heavier server sided punishments will come with that, and you might not only lose your position, but also access to the server.))

Police Commissioner Andrew Banks
United States of Argonath
Argonath Police Department - "To protect and serve"

Offline Dutchy

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Re: Changes to the structure of the SAPD
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2021, 21:43:03 pm »
Hear! Hear!  :v:

"A 9mm can kill a Hydra, or Hunter ... that is fact, aiming at them = threatening behavior.
Do so in real life and watch what happens ..." -[R*]CBFasi
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