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Author Topic: [VC:MP] Procedures & Rules  (Read 19562 times)

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[VC:MP] Procedures & Rules
« on: January 22, 2009, 17:34:36 pm »
Vice City Police Department
Procedures and Rules

Section 1: Definitions

1. The term "VCPD Officer" defines a member of the official Vice City Multiplayer's Argonath RPG police department, also known as Vice City Police Department (further - VCPD).
2. The term "ARPD Officer" defines a freelance Vice City Multiplayer's Argonath RPG police officer, who answers directly to the server's administration, however, is not entitled to the benefits of the official police department, such as officer training, progressing through ranks, special divisions within the VCPD, financial bonuses and equipment.

Section 2: Etiquette of a VCPD Officer

2.1. VCPD Officers are prohibited from comitting any major crimes. These include, but are not limited to: smuggling, murder, robbery, kidnapping, terrorism.
    2.1.1. An officer who is part of a criminal group or has close criminal ties is not entitled to promotion to Senior Officer noir a carreer in any of the divisions.
2.2. VCPD Officer must show professionalism and good attitude at all times, even when not on duty. VCPD Officer is supposed to be professional at all times. This also includes officers behavior and attitude in the server as a whole. Moaning, complaining, provoking and other things that trash the image of VCPD Officer and the VCPD as a whole are not allowed.
2.3. VCPD Officers have access to boards that other officers and citizens do not. Revealing any of that information to the public eye without consent of a VCPD High Command member is considered as leaking and will be punished severely, with the officer in question most likely being removed from VCPD permanently.
2.4. VCPD Officer is to respect every single citizen of Argonath and every single player in the server, regardless of their personal feelings or opinions. Professionalism and tolerance comes first.
2.5. VCPD Officer is required to drive according to the traffic laws and in a reasonable speed when not in emergency response.

Section 3: Duties of a VCPD Officer

3.1. VCPD Officer is required to participate in VCPD's organised patrols, events and other activities as much as possible.
3.2. VCPD Officer is required to keep up his activity to the highest at all times. If for whatever reasons the officer is not capable of keeping up with a satisfactory activity level, he must inform his superiors before leave. Exceptions can be made for extraordinary situations.
3.3. VCPD Officer is required to complete issued assignments on time.
3.4. VCPD Officer is required to have a desk set up at the VCPD boards.
3.5. VCPD Officer is required to stay active in the forum just as much as in game.
3.6. VCPD Officer must be aware of the VCPD radio codes and callsigns.
3.7. VCPD Officer must respond to backup calls and give priority to Code 30 (Officer in danger). Not responding to backup calls without a valid reason is a punishable offense.
3.8. VCPD Officer must do everything in his power to conserve resources and equipment issued to him. Cruisers, Enforcers, Mavericks and other VCPD vehicles must be returned to station or respawned after use. It is strictly forbidden to leave these vehicles unattended.
3.9. VCPD Officers must follow additional VCPD protocol while on duty. Such protocol being: Basic Rules of Police Duty, Patrol and Response, Pursuit Tactics, Weapon Training.

Section 4: Federal Bureau of Investigation

4.1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is an autonomous division that follows its own chain of command..
4.2. The Federal Bureau of Investigation agents give priority to their FBI duties and are not entitled to VCPD ranks.
4.3. The Federal Bureau of Investigation members are entitled only to their own respective duty vehicles.

Section 5: Special Weapons and Tactics

5.1. The Special Weapons and Tactics is a subdivision within the VCPD and follows the VCPD's chain of command.
5.2. The Special Weapons and Tactics operatives are not excluded from their VCPD duties and should give priority to their VCPD duties.
5.3. The Special Weapons and Tactics are required to follow their entitled procedures and regulations.
5.4. The Special Weapons and Tactics are entitled to special vehicles and equipment provided by VCPD.

Section 6: Patrol

6.1. VCPD Officer should not use any other vehicles, but a marked police cruiser with VCPD insignia and equipped lights and sirens for PATROL.
6.2. VCPD Officer is allowed to use special vehicles, such as VCPD Cheetah to respond to a situation that requires a fast speed response.
6.3. VCPD Officers should not use FBI Ranchers and SWAT Enforcers if not belonging to the mentioned divisions and on their duty, unless granted a permission from the division leadership or VCPD Command Staff, or if common sense says they're required.

Section 7: Response

7.1. Code 30  are priority situations. All VCPD Officers are required to drop whatever activities they are engaged in during the mentioned situations and respond immediately.
7.2. When in pursuit or responding to a situation, a VCPD Officer must have lights and sirens on at all times.
7.4. When in a pursuit, VCPD Pursuit Tactics regulations must be followed.

Section 8: Radio Communication

8.1. There shall be no chit-chat or unprofessional attitude in the police radio. The police radio is solely for police communication only.
8.2. The radio operator (such as passenger in a police vehicle) must report details about the criminal(s) (e.g. where are they heading to, their car, how many, are they armed, etc).
8.3. VCPD Officer should make use of ARPD and VCPD codes as much as possible, know and understand the codes spoken to him.
8.4. VCPD Officer is required to stay professional on the police radio at all times and use it as much as possible.

Section 9: Chain of Command

9.1. VCPD Officer must follow the VCPD's Chain of Command, be obedient and respectful towards his superiors.

Section 10: Weapon Procedures

10.1. VCPD Officer is not allowed to discharge his weapon in public without a proper reason.
10.2. VCPD Officer is not allowed to display weapons in plain sight unless in a high-risk situation or being threatened.
10.3. VCPD Officer is allowed to open fire immediately if his, other officers or citizens lives are in imminent danger.
   10.3.1 VCPD Officer must make sure not to injure or otherwise place in danger officer/citizen lives with the use of their firearms.
10.4. VCPD Officer must not open fire on a standing still suspect under any circumstance.
10.5. VCPD Officer must warn the suspect ten seconds before using force on a suspect who is unarmed or not fleeing. This is nullified if the suspect has shown any kind of threat.
   10.5.1 VCPD Officer, under any circumstance, is NOT allowed to open fire with Shotgun or any other weapon other than Colt 45 and nightstick on a suspect that is unarmed, not moving and causes no danger to him nor the public. However, unarmed suspects can subdued with other weapons if they are fleeing and show no intention of surrendering.
10.6. VCPD Officer is not allowed to use his weapons against innocent citizens.
10.7. VCPD Officer is not allowed to use his weapons against fellow officers.
10.8. VCPD Officer is allowed to open fire on a suspect evading in a vehicle without a warning. However, once the suspect is on foot and not threatening an officer, Procedure 10.5 must be followed.
10.9. VCPD Officers who are not members of the Special Weapons and Tactics division and are not on the said duty are prohibited from using Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SPAZ and Stubby shotguns or any other gear that is not included in their standart duty issue without authorization from Command Staff, except for sub-machine guns, such as MP5, which are allowed to be used without regulation.

Section 11: Criminal Procedures

11.1 VCPD Officer must restrain/cuff suspects that surrender, before proceeding with jailing.
11.2. VCPD Officer must be respectful towards criminals in custody.
11.3. VCPD Officer mustn't abuse the suspection command. Crimes the suspect is charged with must be valid and there should be a reasonable cause for the suspection.
11.4. VCPD Officer is allowed to fine an insubordinate driver with a fine that is no more than 1000ARD. If the driving offense is serious enough, the officer is entitled to charge the driver with a suspection and proceed with jailing.
11.5. VCPD Officer must provide the suspect with a fair chance to surrender. Suspect must be warned ten seconds before opening fire. This procedure is to be voided if the suspect opens fire.
11.6. VCPD Officer must provide the suspect with a fair investigation if he has requested one. Only suspects that have surrendered are entitled to an investigation. If the suspect has opened fire towards the officers or have tried evading custody, their right to be investigated is voided.

Section 12: Equipment Procedures

12.1. VCPD Officers are entitled to special equipment such as Heavy Air under restricted conditions. The Specialized Equipment Usage Protocol (SEUP) must be followed. (Annex)

Section 13. Impound procedures

13.1. VCPD Officers are entitled with a parking authority. Impound procedures must be followed when the mentioned authority is in practice.

Annex: Radio Usage - VCPD Codes

Ten Codes

10-4 - Roger that
10-7 - Out of Service
10-8 - In Service
10-15 - Suspect in Custody
10-76 - En route
10-80 - Pursuit in Progress/Visual on Suspect
10-97 - On scene

Situation Codes

Code 30 - Officer in Danger, Immediate Backup Needed (with caution)

These codes can be incredibly useful when you want to get a message across in a short amount of time; they are great tools for communication.

Annex: Specialized Equipment Usage Protocol (SEUP)

Vice City Police Department

The Vice City Police Department has unrestricted access to specialised vehicles, equipped with deadly weapons, such as the Predator boat and the Sea Sparrow helicopter. In order to avoid misuse of the mentioned equipment, a protocol has been put in place to guide the officers on proper usage of the equipment.

1. The Predator
Type: Boat
Specialisation: Has a mounted machine gun on the front of the boat.
Location: Naval Base at Vice Port, Vice Point river wharf.
Usage Regulations:
Can be used for regular water patrols, however, machine gun can only be deployed on water-borne suspects. You must warn the suspect to stop at least twice before opening fire with The Predator. Make sure to do brief periods between each set of gunfire to give the suspect a chance to surrender.

2. The Sea Sparrow
Type: Helicopter
Specialisation: Has a mounted machine gun.
Location: Naval Base at Vice Port
Usage Regulations:
Can only be used against suspects evading in aircraft and against boats in order to disable their vehicle, never on those on-foot (smugglers). You must warn the suspect at least twice before opening fire. You should provide the suspect with brief chances to land and surrender.

Annex: Map of Vice City (Original, larger)

Chief of Police Jay Lincoln
San Fierro Police Department


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